Is EksaBox free?

Yes! EksaBox is totally free. By only signin up, you get 100 GB for free, which you can use to share files, and earn money at the same time!


Are there any limits on EksaBox?

No! As long as you adhere to our policies, you can upload and share any files without any limits whatsoever!


Can I get more storage on my account?

Absolutely. if you need extra storage, we offer huge amounts of storage for a cheap price, so you can store your files, and share them whenever you want to make money! (You can also use your earnings to upgrade your storage)


How can I start using EksaBox?

1. Open an account for free and get 25 GB of free storage
2. Upload your files. You can also group them into folders, so they are easier to manage.
3. Share them with others to make money. Our Payout Rates are the highest!


Are my files peminentely kept?

As long as a file that you've uploaded received downloads in the last 60 days period, it is kept on our servers.


What happens if my subscription expires and was not renewed on time?

Your subscription is automatically downgraded to our free plan. You are free to upgrade your plan anytime.


When will I receive my payment after making a payment request?

Payments are sent weekly every Wednesday. Make sure to make a request before Wednesday if you want to receive your payment sooner. Otherwise, it might be delayed to the following Wednesday.


How are downloads calculated?

Our system is very precise in counting downloads. In order for a download to be credited to your account, it must follow the following criteria:
- The visitor must not be using a proxy/ VPN.
- The visitor must click on the download button
- The visitor must not be a robot - Note that we count 1 downloads from the same visitor during 24 hours.


What if I have another question or concern?

You can always contact us using our Contact Form. Our team would be happy to help and we'll try to get back to you within 24 hours.